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Led by World Business Chicago and its partners, Startup Chicago connects founders with investors to accelerate growth. As an extension of the Chicago Venture Summit, the VC attraction and startup growth program facilitates venture matchmaking between regional & national investors with 250+ entrepreneurs; the majority of the cohort seeking a Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, or Series B round in 2024.

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Past Startup Chicago Showcases

Web 3

with 1871 and Decasonic

The Web 3 Founders Showcase, held in partnership with 1871 and Decasonic, spotlighted groundbreaking innovations in blockchain, decentralized applications, and the metaverse. Attendees discovered how these startups are revolutionizing digital landscapes, fostering new economic models, and reshaping user interactions online.

with Chain Reaction Innovations

Our DeepTech Showcase, hosted with Chain Reaction Innovations, featured startups pushing the boundaries of engineering, material science, and AI. Attendees learned how these pioneering companies are addressing some of the world's most pressing issues, from clean energy to advanced manufacturing.
Life Sciences

with Women in Bio - Chicago, Chicago biomedical Consortium and 2Flo Ventures

The Life Sciences Showcase, in collaboration with Women in Bio - Chicago, Chicago Biomedical Consortium, and 2Flo Ventures, highlighted startups making significant strides in healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical advancements. Attendees explored the future of patient care, disease treatment, and medical research.
Black Founders

with black VC, mhub, LongJump, and Black Women Talk Tech

The Black Founders Showcase, in partnership with Black VC, mHUB, LongJump, and Black Women Talk Tech, presented groundbreaking startups led by Black innovators. This event emphasized the importance of representation and support for Black entrepreneurs in the tech ecosystem.
Latinx Founders

with Chingona Ventures and Moneda Moves

Our Latinx Founders Showcase, held in conjunction with Chingona Ventures and Moneda Moves, shined a light on the vibrant and dynamic Latinx entrepreneurial community. Attendees connected with visionary founders driving innovation across various industries, highlighting the cultural and economic contributions of Latinx startups.
LGBTQia+ Founders

with Startout and Colorful Capital

The LGBTQIA+ Founders Showcase, in collaboration with StartOut and Colorful Capital, celebrated the creativity and resilience of LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs. This event featured inspiring startups that embody diversity and inclusion, showcasing impactful solutions and fostering an inclusive startup ecosystem.
Clean Tech

with Chicago Innovation, Current, Resurgence Climatetech Accelerator, and ISTC

The Clean Tech Founders Showcase, hosted in partnership with Chicago Innovation, Current, Resurgence ClimateTech Accelerator, and ISTC, highlighted startups dedicated to creating environmentally friendly solutions. Attendees learned about groundbreaking technologies aimed at reducing carbon footprints, improving energy efficiency, and promoting a greener future.
Hard Tech

with Technexus and mHUB

The Hard Tech Showcase, in collaboration with TechNexus and mHUB, showcased startups developing cutting-edge technologies in robotics, manufacturing, and IoT. Attendees discovered how these companies are revolutionizing industries with their advanced engineering and impactful solutions.
Ai Startups

with 1871

The AI Startups Showcase with 1871's AI Innovation lab featured pioneering companies leveraging artificial intelligence to transform various sectors. From machine learning to neural networks, these startups were at the forefront of technological advancements, offering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, decision-making, and user experiences.

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