April 22-23, 2020

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What is Chicago Venture Summit?

On April 22nd and 23rd, top investors from across the country come Chicago to meet the best venture-backed companies in the Midwest. The fourth Chicago Venture Summit is the city’s flagship venture capital conference which brings together local, regional, national and international investors and Chicago’s leading entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

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320 N Morgan St #600
Chicago, IL 60607

Bringing Leaders Together

The Chicago Venture Summit will host some of the most influential venture capitalists, corporate V.C.’s, and angel investors in the country as they connect with high-potential startup companies from around the Midwest. The Summit will curate unique networking opportunities among Chicago’s Fortune 500 leadership, its local investor community, and the influencers of its burgeoning innovation ecosystem.

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By adding 400 jobs here at Relativity, we're proud to be part of the 2,000 new #Chicago #tech jobs featured during #ChicagoTechDay2019, including: @BookCameo (+80 jobs), @Evanstontec (+120), @hellofyllo (+120), & @Healthjoy (+125): https://t.co/e99Chkobmu [1/2]

#Chicago’s tech industry is the city’s fastest-growing sector with over 4,000 digital companies and more than 270% growth in just 10 years: https://t.co/rHg1LjsGWg #ChicagoTech @chicagosmayor @WorldBizChicago @ChicagoNEXT #ChicagoTechDay2019

With over 1,000 Relativians around the world, we’re proud to call Chicago home and play a role in growing its tech ecosystem: https://t.co/NAo2ylYg2X #WeAreRelativity #ChicagoTech @chicagosmayor @WorldBizChicago @ChicagoNEXT #ChicagoTechDay2019

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